Welcome to the  ‘Useful People’ blog which is written by Derek Tilley, a researcher at Cardiff University’s Law School, whose daughter happens to have Down’s syndrome. Its name is inspired by Kit Wright’s poem a Useful Person and aims to bring a bit of help, support and encouragement to ‘Useful People’ and their families everywhere but in particular living in Wales. Initially the focus will be on Special Educational Learning/Additional Learning Needs and related educational policy but eventually, and as time allows, it will expand to include anything related to accessing public services. Hopefully, you’ll find it all very useful!

Please remember, I am neither a solicitor nor a barrister. This blog contains general information and commentary about legal matters and is not intended to provide legal advice. And in any event, all blogs, including this blog, should never be relied upon as a source of legal advice. They may be out of date, inapplicable to your circumstances, or simply wrong. If you need to find a solicitor, you could try the Law Society’s find a solicitor webpage in the first instance.

Please feel free to comment on this blog, but please be aware that it’s moderated to ensure that no spam, offensive comments or comments which might breach court orders are published. I fully intend to respond to comments as soon as possible but, as with the best of well laid plans, may not always find time to do so: for which I apologise in advance.



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