Estyn consults on its inspections of education and training settings in Wales

Estyn is in the middle of a 6-week consultation on how it will carry out its inspections of educational and training settings from September 2017.

Meilyr Rowlands, Chief Inspector, said:

“Education makes a vital contribution to improving the lives of our children and young people. Inspections are a way of ensuring that our education system is the best that it can be.  We are keen to hear the views of individuals and organisations on all aspects of inspection, including what we report, the judgements we make and how we take account of parents’ and learners’ views. “This is an opportunity to influence changes to inspections in Wales. I encourage everyone with an interest in education to take part in the consultation on how Estyn will inspect in the future.”

So, Estyn is keen to hear from a wide range of stakeholders that will certainly includes you so why not visit the consultation page here and you’ve got until Wednesday 11 November to get your views in.


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