A draft ALN Code of Practice sees the light of day but it’s not for consultation

Huw Jones, Minister for Education and Skills, announced the publication of the draft Additional Learning Needs (ALN) Code of Practice in a written statement issued on 30 September 2015. Except it isn’t exactly THE draft Code most of us were probably waiting for: it is, in fact, and as described in the Minister’s own words, an “initial working draft of a proposed ALN Code” which is not for consultation in its own right:

The document is a working draft provided for illustrative purposes only, with the intention of supporting the consultation on the draft Bill. However, I hope that it will give local authorities and others responsible for delivering the proposed new system an early indication of our intentions in some key areas – particularly around the content and process for preparing an Individual Development Plan.

The Minister also announced the publication of a second important document which he explains is:

…an outline of the possible timescales for implementation of the system outlined in the draft Bill. Whilst it is not possible to give precise dates at this stage, as these will be decisions for the next Welsh Government, I hope that the proposed key principles and workstreams, and broad timeframes outlined in the implementation plan can also form the basis of future discussions with stakeholders.

I’ll be blogging more about these two documents and the draft ALN and Educational Tribunal (Wales) Bill itself shortly but in the meantime you can find the draft Code here and the proposed timescales here. Enjoy!


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