Minister announces a ‘radical plan’ to transform teacher training in Wales

Huw Lewis, Minister for Education and Skills, addressed the Assembly for Wales yesterday 23 March 2015 outlining the Welsh Government’s response to Professor John Furlong’s ‘Teaching Tomorrow Teachers’ report that was commissioned by the Welsh Government and published in March. An article about the announcement was also published yesterday on the Welsh Government’s website where, amongst other things, the Minister states:

“As Estyn recently pointed out, there is a ‘new momentum’ in Welsh education, driven by our ambitious reform programme and focussed on raising standards for every learner in every classroom.

“As part of this work, we need to think carefully about how we prepare newly qualified practitioners for the major changes ahead, such as the new curriculum structure outlined by Professor Graham Donaldson.

“We will need to prepare a new generation of professionals equipped with the qualifications, skills and resilience needed to deliver our reform agenda and build a sustainable self improving education system fit for the future.

“This is going to be a unique departure for the profession in Wales and will require reflective practitioners who have the career long appetite for improving and updating practice.

“Professor Furlong in his  Teaching Tomorrow’s Teachers report  set out a series of options for transforming initial teacher training in Wales.

“The steps I am setting out today, together with the plans we have for upskilling the existing workforce through the New Deal, will ensure that those recommendations are translated into tangible action on the ground and result in first class newly qualified practitioners of the future.

“It will be a challenge for professionals to rise this agenda, but there will be support for them too. We want a world class education system built on the enhanced professionalism of practitioners and I see this review as an important piece of the jigsaw in making that happen.”

The Minister’s full address can be found by clicking here.



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